The last time Reason blessed us with a group of records, it was the second installment to his mixtape collection, “Proof”, this time he is back with more bars on, “There You Have It”. He is already calling it a classic!

Reason jumps off the tape with a skit: “Rufus’ Collection”. Implying “There You Have It” to be the hottest project released amongst his contemporaries.  As Rufus, Reason’s grandfather is skimming through his classic records and jamming to Al Green’s “Let’s Stay Together”, he notices one that doesn’t belong. You won’t find anything less than phenomenal in Rufus’s collection. To get any play it gots to be classic, real music, or as grand pa Rufus describes it “old player shit”! Seeing Reason’s trinity project  in Rufus’s collection, along side respectable greats indeed suggests “There You Have It” to be classic worthy. That’s way before we even get to the music!

Well done on the production, if you’re into old school hip hop you’ll love it, and if you’re team new school hip hop, you’ll love it too. The tape is a reminiscent of influential music periods such as, the 90’s and early 2000’s which undeniably impacts Reason’s sound, style and flow. Also, he incredibly taps into the current music vibes gaining the attention of today’s hip-hop heads.

To grasp the full concept of the project, you should listen in order and not listen on shuffle. The tracks are placed properly in a series of events, giving vibes after vibes. Not to mention there are no skippable tracks! This has to be Reason’s best project to date.

Listen here: https://itun.es/us/7HkWjb

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