G Perico’s new album, “All Blue,” is all the way cripped the f#%k out! He talks slangin’, bangin’, and living a Broadway lifestyle, putting his own reality into every track on the album.

All Blue” appeals to hip hop music consumers from all walks of life. Even the average listener can relate to this album.

Now tell me who else can rock blue rollers on a album cover like him?, besides Snoop Dogg and DJ Quick!…now that’s fly crippin’ and classic as f#%k!
G Perico is holding it down for gangsta rap music of today’s era. He has the ability to be recognized for his rare talent amongst the other greats such as, N.W.A, Snoop Dogg, DJ Quick, and many more.
Thanks for holding it down for the culture.

Everyone cop “All Blue” on iTunes today!

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